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Just the other day, we talked abouhow to take better pictures for your online dating profile. And although you probably feel like getting camera happy by now, don’t post dozens of photos of yourself from every angle imaginable. It’s important to stick to a few must-have shots, so you don’t overwhelm potential mates. Besides, your idea of what constitutes a great picture might be scaring away potential mates!

So, what types of photos should you definitely include in your selection? Here are our top 5 picks (no pun intended).

1. Close-up photo of your face

Having at least one close-up photo of your face on your profile is an absolute must because it lets people see what you look like, up close and personal. Your facial expressions and features say a lot about you. You should use a close-up photo of your face as your primary profile photo because it will make the strongest first impression.

Look into the camera with your eyes wide open, so you make eye contact with the viewer. Have the photo taken in an area with lots of light, and for goodness sake, don’t wear sunglasses because your eyes are the window into your soul. Also, ditch the hoodie and wear something halfway decent! It’s a headshot, not a mug shot.

2. Full body photo

While it’s essential to provide your fellow online daters with a close up photo of your face, so they can see what you look like, don’t leave it at that. People will want to know what your figure is like to determine whether or not they are physically attracted to you. Even if you’re overweight and aren’t confident about the way your body looks, it’s important to post a full body shot because it helps you weed out the duds.

When I started posting full body shots of myself, I received less messages and winks (because I’ve got some extra junk in the trunk, if you must know), but I also found that the men who actually contacted me were way more into me and didn’t just judge me by my pretty face. The guys who can’t handle my badunkadunk immediately click away when they see my full body shot, and that’s totally fine with me.

3. The self-shot photo

You might think it’s cheesy when people post pictures of themselves that they took by themselves with a cell phone camera, but self-shot photos (aka MySpace pics) get a lot of attention, according to stats. So, the next time you find yourself bored, alone, and with a camera in hand, pucker your lips and snap away. Who knows, your self-shot photo could end up getting way more attention than your professional-looking photos. My experiment with a quintessential MySpace pic got me tons of messages, albeit of the wrong variety. Somehow, people seem to associate MySpace pics with loose morals. Sorry, boys, but you’re in the wrong neighborhood!

4. Photo of yourself from the waist up

Many people will be viewing your photos in thumbnail size, so try to include at least one photo of yourself from the waist up in your selection. Full body photos don’t show nearly enough detail, but close-up photos of your face don’t show viewers what your body looks like. Photos of you from the waist up are a good compromise. Most people will want to see a photo of you from the waist up at the very least, probably to check and make sure that you are not fat. So, suck up your gut and say cheese!

5. Photo of you doing something you’re passionate about

Do you like to surf, cook, or lie down on a hammock with a good book? Whatever it is that you’re passionate about, make sure you include at least one pic of yourself doing it in your online dating profile. When you do something you enjoy, you get in the zone and have fun, which shows off your true personality and makes you look more attractive in photos. Plus, photos of you doing interesting stuff make for great conversation-fodder.

Okay, now it’s your turn. Do you have any online dating profile photo selection tips to share? What types of photos do YOU think are essential in any online dating profile?